Over and Out

Brooke & Carly

Tuesdays Noon to 1 pm

Zach Attacks Movies

Zach Arenholtz

Tuesday's 9pm to 10pm

Hypothetically Speaking

Gabrielle Chance &

Brayden Butler

Wednesday's 5pm to 6pm

Tell Me About It

McKenna Kutz &

Abby Frommelt

Wednesday's 9pm to 10pm

The Blitz

Josh Boelter

Friday's 1pm to 2pm

Sports Fantasy advice and betting talk! Who's your picks?

The Sound of Movies

Marissa Brunkhorst

Sunday's 7pm to 8pm

She Lovely

Zadya Abbott

Friday's 5pn-6pm

She Lovely Logo.png


Gabrielle Chance &
Miles Amende 

Mondays 9pm to 10pm

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Monday Movies Madness

Josh Boelter &

Zach Arenholtz

Monday's 9pm to 10pm

The Dark Match

Josh Boelter &

Brayden Butler

Tuesday's 7pm to 8pm

Weekly Watchlist

Connor Corcoran

Wednesday's 3pm to 4pm

The Nosebleeds

Brock Weidner &

Tavin Carncross

Wednesday's 7pm to 8pm


Brayden Butler &

Nick Yazbeck 

Thursday's 9pm to 10pm

Do You Even News?

Ryan Knight & 

Kyle Zimmer 

Friday's 9pm to 10pm

As I Was Saying

Zadya & Emma 

Friday's 4pm to 5pm

As I Was Saying 2.jpg

Men in Tiers

Derek Johnson & 
Jacob Lindenberg

Mondays 9pm to 10pm